I had bad service pretty much everywhere I went in Germany with the exception of a couple places near the Nurburgring. The way I've heard it explained is that going out to eat in Europe for just a daily meal is unheard of, so when people do go out to eat, then it is the going out to eat itself that is the… » 4/02/15 3:11pm 4/02/15 3:11pm

Using real numbers from having/charging a daily driven Volt, it's about $13/mo in electricity. Gas use during this time is practically 0 usually, and the daily use was about 25mi/day. The actual range is more than 40mi because of regenerative braking, so driving around town all day running errands I've seen as much as… » 3/13/15 12:21pm 3/13/15 12:21pm

May I special request you go over pants? Those always trip me up and take the longest, but I know it can be done well in like 3 minutes flat. A buddy of mine was in the Navy and while we were at another friend's wedding it was time to go out drinking before the rehearsal dinner. I told him "no, I can't drink, I need… » 3/11/15 10:18pm 3/11/15 10:18pm

I've only ever used them in foodspin recipes. I was skeptical during my first tomato sauce foray, but they do add a yummy component and don't get everything all anchovied. I just froze what I didn't use and work with those. Hopefully that is a valid thing to do, other wise I would be buying a tin, grabbing a couple… » 2/08/15 9:32pm 2/08/15 9:32pm